Autodesk Certified User AutoCAD Exam Best Practices


The Autodesk Certified User AutoCAD exam has been completely reworked to provide you and your students a good experience taking the exam. Some key points:

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    1. Exam no longer limits students to 3 clicks to answer the question. The interface provides an environment similar to what the person taking the exam would encounter in their CAD lab.
    2. The AutoCAD interface for the exam is delivered over the internet. This has been greatly improved.
      • Some of the questions allow the student to enter commands from the Command Line.
    3. The exam is 40 minutes and is timed.
      • You can mark questions for review.
        Timer is displayed
         Question Tracker appears on screen.
    4. 25 questions
      • 8 Questions are multiple choice 
        These are fair and reasonable questions
    5. 17 questions test the ability of the person taking the exam to use the software
    6. Exam is applicable to schools using AutoCAD 2010, 2011, or 2012, and is not version specific
      • Person taking the exam will be provided with a score and an analysis of how they scored on the sectors tested. See-Exhibit B Using AutoCAD Examination Score Report
    7. Students will receive a certificate if they pass the exam.
  • Preparation for taking Exam

    The test taker must be proficient in the use of the software and have a minimum 120 hours of instruction


    in AutoCAD before taking the exam.

           o Tools for assessing AutoCAD knowledge.

               CADLearning AutoCAD Knowledge Assessment

          o Exhibit A- AutoCAD Certified User Exam Objectives

              This provides a list of specific topics the test taker must master to be successful.

          o Deficiencies in AutoCAD knowledge need to be filled using CADLearning tutorials or other resources.


    Review the AutoCAD Certification power point file.

    These topics will be covered on the exam. This can be found at:


    o Under Autodesk Certification, click ‘AutoCAD Certified User Exam Preparation’ Review the digital Study Packets that are provided on the Autodesk Digital STEAM Curriculum website.


    . vChoose the AutoCAD Digital Study packets.

              These are short presentations that review information that helps in answering the exam questions. These are excellent tools for reviewing one or two days prior to taking the exam.


    Exhibit A- AutoCAD Certified User Exam Objectives

    AutoCAD Certification Exam Topic Areas

    1) User Interface a. User Interface

                       i. Application Menu

                      ii. Ribbon > Panels > Tabs

                     iii. Quick Access toolbar

                     iv. Open a drawing

                      v. Layouts

    2) Creating Drawings a. Coordinate Entry

                     i. Coordinate Entry

                        b. Draw Tools and Settings

                             i. Draw Tools : Line

                            ii. Draw Tools: Circle

                           iii. Draw Tools: Arc

                           iv. Draw Tools: Erase

                           v. Draw Tools: Rectangle

                           vi. Draw Tools: Polygon

                          vii. Object Snaps

                         viii. Polar Tracking and Polar Snap

                           ix. Drafting Settings

    3) Manipulating Objects

                      a. Grips

                              i. Grip Editing

                      b. Object Selection

                             i. Window selection

    4) Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands

                      a. Layers

                           i. Layers Property Manager

                      b. Object Properties

                           i. Properties Palette

                      c. Linetypes

                           i. Linetype

    5) Altering Objects

                     a. Modify Tools

                         i. Trim and Extend

                        ii. Fillet

                       iii. Stretch

    6) Working With Layouts

                    a. Layouts and Viewports

                         i. Plotting Environment

    7) Annotating the Drawing

                    a. Adding Text to a Drawing

                         i. Multiline Text

                        ii. Single Line Text

                       iii. Edit Text iv. Text Styles

    8) Dimensioning

                   a. Adding Dimensions to a drawing

                        i. Dimensions: Liner, Angular, Aligned, Radius, Diameter, and Center Mark

                       ii. Dimension Style iii. Edit Dimensions

    9) Hatching Objects

                    a. Edit Hatch Patterns and Fills

                       i. Hatchedit

    10) Working With Reusable Content

                    a. Blocks

                       i. Block

                      ii. Insert

    11) Creating Additional Drawing Objects

                    a. Shapes

                       i. Polyline

    12) Plotting your Drawing

                    a. Output

                      i. Plot


    Exhibit B- AutoCAD Certified User Exam Score Report

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