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Undernoted courses basic learning have been illustrated in the undernoted link to learn the basic of the the all courses  tutorials.  After Buying the exam voucher , you will get 40hrs courses extra to complete the project base tutorials  through office 365 / shere point platform . for that you required to learn oneNote

You have selected  the  Microsoft Corporation  for the  Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)  course in  Exam 77-850: MOS Word 2007 Expert  

111Creating and Modifying Advanced Document Types
1375111Create a mail merge document•Create a new recipient list, select recipients from Outlook contacts and conditional mail merge Learn   
1376111Create and manage master documents•Convert a document to a master document, convert an outline to a master document, import sub-documents and manage subdocuments Learn   
1377111Create forms•Create forms using fields, create forms using content controls and protect forms Learn   
112Customizing Word 2007
1378112Customise the Quick Access Toolbar•Add commands not in the ribbon, add separators, and reorganise commands Learn   
1379112Change default save options•File formats and file locations Learn   
1380112Assign keyboard shortcuts•Assign keyboard shortcuts to an existing macro, a style, a symbol, or auto-text Learn   
1381112Manage building blocks•Distribute building blocks for reuse and create a custom building block Learn   
113Managing Styles and Templates
1382113Manage styles•Update style based on selected text, copy styles from one document or template to another and set outline levels for styles Learn   
1383113Manage style sets•Create a custom style set, save a custom style set and modify an existing style set Learn   
1384113Manage multilevel lists•Create a multilevel list, link styles to a multilevel list, modify an existing multilevel list and define a new number format Learn   
1385113Manage templates•Attach a global template, attach a local template, automatically update styles using an attached template, save style changes to the attached template and save gallery changes to the attached template Learn   
114Managing Data Objects and Automation
1386114Manage objects•Create an object, embed an existing object, link to an existing object and display as icon Learn   
1387114Manage XML•View XML tags, move text with XML tags, validate a document against an XML schema, and attach a custom XML schema Learn   
1388114Record and edit a macro•Record a macro in a document, record a macro in a template, insert a breakpoint, step through a macro, and change actions in a macro Learn   
1389114Manage an existing macro•Move macros between documents (copy a macro, rename a copied macro, import a macro, export a macro) and configure macro security (digitally sign a macro, macro security levels) Learn   
115Managing Fields and References
1390115Create a custom TOC•Include or exclude specific levels, include or exclude specific styles, and modify the TOC properties Learn   
1391115Insert cross-references within a document•Insert reference to a document element, insert a specific type of reference and insert above/below reference Learn   
1392115Manage fields•Update all fields in a document, convert all fields of a document to text, create a custom field by using modifiers and switches, change the display format of a data field (switches), associate properties in the Document Information Panel, and create a custom document property field Learn   
1393115Create object captioning•Auto-caption different object types (numbering, position) and create a custom label (numbering, position) Learn   
116Managing Content
1394116Manage visual content•Create a custom watermark, and insert and modify a SmartArt graphic (modify a SmartArt graphic layout, convert a list to a SmartArt graphic) Learn   
1395116Manage table properties•Repeat a header row on subsequent pages, allow a row to break across pages and wrap text around a table Learn   
1396116Apply paste options•Set default paste options and apply paste options for text, tables, graphics and lists Learn   
1397116Find and replace content•Find and replace content by format, use special characters and use wildcards Learn   
117Managing Documents
1398117Embed fonts•Embed fonts on the current document, all new documents, all characters, or characters in use Learn   
1399117Apply variable formatting by using sections•Restart page numbering with a different number format, link and unlink headers and footers, change page orientation, change page size and margins, and apply advanced page setup options (automatically align content vertically on a page, add line numbering) Learn   
1400117Restrict formatting and editing•Restrict editing to selected parts of a document, limit formatting to specific styles, allow only specific types of editing and allow per-user document permissions Learn   
1401117Recover documents•Open and Repair, recover text from any file, and locate the auto-recover file (.asd file) Learn   
1402117Combine multiple documents•Insert file option and Insert objects Learn   


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