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Undernoted courses basic learning have been illustrated in the undernoted link to learn the basic of the the all courses  tutorials.  After Buying the exam voucher , you will get 40hrs courses extra to complete the project base tutorials  through office 365 / shere point platform . for that you required to learn oneNote

You have selected  the  Microsoft Corporation  for the  Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)  course in  77-427: Excel 2013 Expert P1  

204Manage and share workbooks
1714204Manage workbook changes •Track changes, manage comments, identify errors, troubleshoot with tracing, display all changes, retain all changes Learn   
205Apply custom formats and layouts
1715205Apply advanced conditional formatting and filtering •Write custom conditional formats, use functions to format cells, create advanced filters, manage conditional formatting rules Learn   
1716205Prepare a workbook for internationalisation and accessibility •Modify tab order among workbook elements and objects, display data in multiple international formats, modify worksheets for use with accessibility tools, utilise international symbols, manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts Learn   
206Create advanced formulas
1717206Look up data with functions •Use the LOOKUP function, use the VLOOKUP function, use the HLOOKUP function, use the TRANSPOSE function Learn   
1718206Apply advanced date and time functions •Use the NOW and TODAY functions, use functions to serialise dates and times Learn   
207Create advanced charts and tables
1719207Create advanced chart elements •Add trendlines to charts, create dual axis charts, create custom chart templates, view chart animations Learn   
1720207Create and manage PivotTables •Create new PivotTables, modify field selections and options, create a slicer, group records, utilise calculated fields, format data, utilise PowerPivot, manage relationships Learn   


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