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Undernoted courses basic learning have been illustrated in the undernoted link to learn the basic of the the all courses  tutorials.  After Buying the exam voucher , you will get 40hrs courses extra to complete the project base tutorials  through office 365 / shere point platform . for that you required to learn oneNote

You have selected  the  Adobe  for the  Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)  course in  Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication Using Adobe Photoshop Cs6 / CC  

287Setting Project Requirements
1161287 Identify the purpose, audience, and audience needs for preparing images. Learn   
1162287Demonstrate knowledge of standard copyright rules for images and image use. Learn   
1163287 Demonstrate knowledge of project management tasks and responsibilities. Learn   
1164287 Communicate with others (such as peers and clients) about design plans. Learn   
288Identifying Design Elements When Preparing Images
1165288Demonstrate knowledge of image resolution, image size, and image file formats for web, video, and print. Learn   
1166288 Demonstrate knowledge of design principles, elements, and image composition. Learn   
1167288 Demonstrate knowledge of typography. Learn   
1168288 Demonstrate knowledge of color correction using Photoshop. Learn   
1169288 Demonstrate knowledge of image-generating devices, their resulting image types, and how to access resulting images in Photoshop. Learn   
1170288Understand key terminology when working with digital images. Learn   
289Understanding Adobe Photoshop
1171289 Identify elements of the Photoshop user interface and demonstrate knowledge of their functions. Learn   
1172289 Demonstrate knowledge of layers and masks. Learn   
1173289 Demonstrate knowledge of importing, exporting, organizing, and saving. Learn   
1174289 Demonstrate knowledge of producing and reusing images. Learn   
1175289 Demonstrate an understanding of and select the appropriate features and options required to implement a color management workflow. Learn   
290Manipulating Images by Using Adobe Photoshop
1176290 Demonstrate knowledge of working with selections. Learn   
1177290Use Photoshop guides and rulers. Learn   
1178290 Transform images. Learn   
1179290 Adjust or correct the tonal range, color, or distortions of an image. Learn   
1180290 Demonstrate knowledge of retouching and blending images. Learn   
1181290 Demonstrate knowledge of drawing and painting. Learn   
1182290 Demonstrate knowledge of type. Learn   
1183290 Demonstrate knowledge of filters. Learn   
291Publishing Digital Images by Using Adobe Photoshop
1184291Demonstrate knowledge of preparing images for web, print, and video. Learn   


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