Course Content for the student of IX to XII for School Partnership of Global Certification from Microsoft

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Collapse Two Year CourseTwo Year Course
Collapse RoboticsRobotics
Collapse Robotics Current & ElectricityRobotics Current & Electricity
Story of Atomic Physics ( 3 hrs Online Movies)
Basic of Current / Voltage and Arduino Board Pactical
Identification of Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor and it's type and variants
Power and Gain
Basic Circuit Theory
Transformer Basic and type Variant
Motor Drive and Variant
Collapse Robotics Modern PhysicsRobotics Modern Physics
Story of Atomic Physics ( 3 hrs Online Movies)
Basic Number theory
Boolean Algebera
Truth Table
Component of active circuit
Component of passive Circuit
Basic of Combinational circuit and it's application
Concept of A/D, D/A Converter
Microcontrollor Introduction
Collapse MechanicsMechanics
Rectilenear Motion
Curvilliniary motion
Collapse Robotics IDE SoftwareRobotics IDE Software
An Introduction to Microsoft C Sharp
An Introduction of Arduino IDE
An Introduction to Raspberry PI IDE
An Introduction to window 10 IDE
An Introduction to internet on things ioT
An intruction to intet SDK
An Introduction to python
Collapse Hardware & Robotics Starter KitsHardware & Robotics Starter Kits
Introduction to Arduino board and it variants
An introduction to Raspberry PI II board
contineous Robotics Projects
Collapse GeogebraGeogebra
Geogebra IDE
Geometry Shape
Straight Line
Collapse Online Game / Graphic DevelopmentOnline Game / Graphic Development
Graphic Vector Algebra
Graphic Detarminant/Matix
Graphic Trigonometry
Game Development Project
Collapse Microsoft Office (MOS)Microsoft Office (MOS)
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
microsoft Power point
Microsoft Publisher
Collapse Microsoft Technology Associates (MTA)Microsoft Technology Associates (MTA)
3 Hour Course on Database Development MS SQL Server
3 Hour Course on Web Development
3 Hour Course on Software Development in C Sharpp and VB
3 Hour Course on Adobe Photoshop Basic
3 Hour Course on Adobe Dreamwear Basic
3 Hour Course on Adobe Illustrator Basic
3 Hour Course on Adobe Premier Pro Basic
3 Hour Course on Adobe After Effect Basic
3 Hour Course on AutoDesk Autocad Basic
3 Hour Course on Autodesk Maya Basic
3 Hour Course on Autodesk 3D Max basic

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