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Adobe Certified Associate in Graphic Design & Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC
Topics : Setting Project Requirements : Demonstrate knowledge of standard copyright rules for artwork, graphics, and graphic use.
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When you are going to produce a movies presentation for your purose, you ought to describe recisely the purpose, audience, deliverables, and other considerations for the promotion of your video presentation marketting bulletine .

To reserve all these aspect you should keep in mind the undernoted content of the couses:

  • Client: Clear listing of your company about production / services and it's methodical application
  • Target audience: A clear listing for the Selective audiance of your clients i.e. your providing web hosting with web design and hassle free after sale services or else if any.
  • Purpose: you should make link for e-newsletter in  such a way that’s attracting enough to gain the client attention with motivating more clients to open the newsletter and read its contents.
  • Deliverable: A minimumtime in few secconds of video, with a featuring of  high-quality video clips and music is also desirale, upbeat feel and clearly delivering the client’s accetance of mental pace. It is more appropriate the video of H.264 YouTube 720p HD format, and it should be compressed so that it loads quickly online while still retaining acceptable image quality.

Listing available media files

  • In this project, some media has already been acquired for the project. What do you have to work with?
  • Aerial clips from a construction site
  • Music from the Brain Buffet stock library
  • Company logo from the client
  • Voiceover audio files

That set of media is sufficient to complete the job, so you don’t need to acquire any more media and editing can begin.


Suppose you are in a group discussion among your all known friend’s fellows which all are well acquainted with each other in respect to the communication languages abilities, personalities and body languages. Instead of that one can not make understand the other about required delivered content. Why?


               where is the problem ?

  • They are so emotional to talk every things at a time.
  • they are taking to much , If a video will deliver too much oints, it says nothing. It will feel like "noisy" and makes it hard for the viewer to focus on the main idea. This reality is similar to the design concept of focal point.
  • it is required your focal point to get all your creative projects. It’s important to clearly define and pin down the most important goals of a project.
  • Sometimes, clients are trying to clearly define their purpose, vision, or dreams for their organization.
  • The overall goals and dreams for the business are helpful in the design process and should be heard so that you understand your client. But to get a project done efficiently—and create a project that communicates well—
  • you must work with the client to establish and narrow down the goals for this project. This short version of a campaign’s goals is often called the "elevator pitch" because it summarizes the project in the time that it would take for an elevator ride. It’s communicating your purpose in a short, simple sentence.
  • Normally, I push a client to shoot for seven words or less. The aim is to clearly define the goals for this particular design project.
  • Here are some elevator pitches related to the scenarios listed earlier:
  • Come to our free concert. Help child victims of a disaster.
  • Get safe cleaning services for your office.
  • Trees removed without damaging your yard.
  • Get healthy and avoid hidden dangers.

Our little photo lights are fun and functional. Admittedly, these pitches are not elegant or enticing. There’s no "pop" to the message. But they’re the very core of what you’re trying to communicate. It is the reason your client is paying you to produce the video.

You’ll need more detail than this to deliver an effective video, but focusing on this core goal can help you rein in the insidious forces of project creep (which we’ll talk about later in this chapter).

But first, let this sink in:
  • Your client’s goals are your number-one priority. If the goal is unclear, the finished product will be unclear.
  • Figure out the goal, and you can always come back to it as a "home base" when the project starts to grow or lose its focus.
Sometimes the goal isn’t obvious, or it turns out to be different than it first appeared. But it’s always critical, and one of your first jobs is to help the client focus on the primary goal of the project. Nonetheless, at the end of the day you work for the client, so the client calls the shots, has the final say, and makes the decisions—even if you disagree. Now we’ll talk about the second-most important person on the project—the one who doesn’t really exist. I’m talking about the ideal audience viewer of the piece.

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