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In order to facilitate the penetration of the certified courses codeHub India Introduced the the online learing tutorial in Bengali as well as Hindi  along with  audio visual support (video).
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Apart from this, there is series of mock test where student can understand the average earned marks of the selected certified courses chaperwise as well as topicswise to enable to judge for self assessment to choose of exam date. To know exam schedule / appointment and re-take Exam .. check more  ....

All secured login providor will be given Office 365 login for online class Note and Tutorial.  For process to enroll   ......Check More.....
CodeHub India Packages

Buy Single voucher for the one month MTA course single user for amount 8 USD Only osted_button_id" value="2UMZ33H9S8YFQ"> --%>

Buy Three Month MTA Online training Mock test Voucher for only 20 USD and save 4 USD single user